How is emotional well-being improved through humor pedagogy?

According to Rodríguez and Rojas (2017) laughter is a manifestation of joy, it changes our facial expression, it is particular to the human being in response to certain stimuli, having the facility to discharge feelings and emotions, producing physiological, psychological and spiritual responses.

Laughter therapy is a therapeutic technique that benefits health, quality of life and general well-being for anyone; It helps immunize against diseases such as depression, releases accumulated tension in the body, releases K lymphocytes, strengthens the immune system and is a good anti-stress remedy.

VITA SOCIAL intends to deepen the study of humor from an educational perspective, reflecting on the functions and benefits of humor in the field of education, making us more creative and ingenious, since humor awakens the improvement of people, and, therefore, their resilience.

Its beneficial effects occur in the psychosocial and health spheres, with numerous positive repercussions on the person: It allows emotions to be expressed, improves self-esteem, facilitates communication and interpersonal relationships, helps to relax and improves sleep.