Humor-based socio-educational workshops in Benidorm, Altea, Villajoyosa, Alfaz and more.

Sociocultural animation workshops

The socio-educational workshops aim to improve emotional well-being, through certain activities and dynamics for the elderly and vulnerable, highlighting the importance of minimizing problems and feeling more comfortable and integrated into society, without so many prejudices and being freer and finding more social alternatives, allowing themselves to enjoy multiple activities and fun moments that life offers in different contexts on more occasions.

Socio-educational programs based on improving emotional well-being in order to improve people’s quality of life and people’s perception of emotional well-being, through an approach focused on the design of a socio-educational intervention. The socio-educational workshops that Vita Social last approximately two hours, there must be a minimum of six participants and a maximum of 16. Depending on the dates and where they are going to be held, the time, place and price will be reported to register and reserve a place.

We work closely with municipalities and offer a wide range of services adapted to the needs of each community. Currently, we are available in the following locations: Benidorm, Altea, Villajoyosa, Alicante, Alfaz, La Nucia, Polop, Calpe and Denia.

For Town hall , we offer a variety of personalized services that are tailored to the needs of the community. These services include:

1-Socio-educational workshops: Designed to promote the personal and social development of the participants. These workshops address topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, stress management, and self-esteem, using humorous techniques to make learning more enjoyable and memorable.

2-Events and comedy shows: We organize events and comedy shows for the enjoyment of the entire community. These presentations include monologues, comedic performances, and interactive activities that provide moments of laughter and fun.

3-Training and training for professionals: We provide training and training programs for education professionals, social workers and other collaborators of the municipalities. These courses focus on humor techniques applied to education and humor management as a tool to promote well-being and social integration.

4-Inclusive leisure activities: We organize inclusive leisure activities that encourage the participation and integration of all people. These activities are designed to create an environment of fun and camaraderie, fostering social cohesion and mutual respect.


The Frivillig association, a volunteer organization established in Alfaz del Py on Calle Herrería nº6 together with Vitasocial in Benidorm, appreciates the availability of the

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