Playfull projects in healthy environments

AT VITA SOCIAL We want to help you to feel better!
What a better way then reconnecting with nature by playing, laughing, talking, sharing and discovering!

I’m going to briefly explain some of the workshops and activities that we have created for the coming months.

Socio Educational Workshops

Do you think you laugh enough? Do you know the benefits of laughter?

We could always laugh more, and laughter is great medicine, as it helps to forget worries for a moment, improves long-term memory, helps you relax, and improves your health.

The workshops are two hours long and afterwards there is a snack. In these workshops you learn body expression, connect with your inner child, and participate in group dynamics. If you are interested in trying a humor workshop by disconnecting for a while and feeling more enthusiastic and happier, do not hesitate and sign up. I will contact you!

Sociocultural walks

How about an excursion to a town or hiking area in your region?

Getting out of your comfort zone, taking a tour of a place you do not know, or probably know little about, letting yourself go and discovering new places with all their details… will make you return home with renewed energy, in better spirits, with a lighter “backpack” and having enriched yourself, in turn, with new social contacts that will add to your life. The groups can be in Spanish, English and/or bilingual, favoring the linguistic exchange of languages.

Open yourself to new paths and new travelers, always accompanied by experienced guides and instructors in the field of wellness and socio-cultural activities.

Specialized care

We want to support and accompany our seniors by offering them recreational activities to reconnect with their inner child, and give them back the inner vitality that every human being needs to feel good and in harmony.

With our proposals, we intend to promote actions that favor a healthy and active lifestyle, encourage social integration, prevent loneliness and provide active entertainment. For more information, click on “More Information”.