What is social participation within sociocultural animation?

Participation is a means for action and not the end of action, on the other hand, participation is different from representativeness, it is also a free decision, therefore, a good participation is one that manages to harmonize individual participation with group participation, also participation is not imposing one’s own criteria, but the attitude and action of sharing efforts in the search for solutions. In Vita Social the aim is to socialize with people from all walks of life who want to feel accompanied and enjoy different socio-educational and cultural activities, promoting social relations and participating locally with other people, avoiding social isolation and expanding the circle of acquaintances. The applications of emotional education can be felt in multiple situations: coexistence, effective and affective communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, non-specific prevention (drug use, AIDS, violence, anorexia, suicide attempts, etc.), etc. Ultimately it is about developing self-esteem, with realistic expectations about yourself, as well as the ability to adopt a positive attitude towards life. All this with a view to enabling greater subjective well-being, which results in greater social well-being.