Collaborating Media

Starting a project is a task that implies ignorance of many areas, since we would like more people to have knowledge about the service we develop and to which it is directed. I believe that some digital newspapers give us a boost by advertising in their media and it is a way for them to get to know us. After speaking with the director Manuel Mora Rodero about the newspaper“. El Calvari”, he adds a brief article about said newspaper. CALVARI was founded in December 2015, exactly on December 4. In recent years, we are registering an average of more than 5 million 500,000 visits. It reaches all of Spain and the entire world, and if not all over the world, residents of more than 185 countries in the world. Our main preferred reader is Spanish, but the daily average is connection from more than 10 countries, and monthly around readers from more than 40 countries, and per year, we reach the whole world, there are almost 187 countries, I think they have read CALVARI or also residents of those countries. We are guided by the statistics that WordPress gives us. The average daily reading audience is around 15 to 20,000 readers, the viewing impacts reach more than 160,000 followers on Facebook, which we calculate the average to be over ten percent. I cannot give you exact figures, because it is impossible to calculate the real impact that the newspaper has on social networks, which we reach through: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TripAdvisor, in addition to promoting and advertising ourselves on the main cultural and social entities of the city. We collaborate with entities, such as: El Faro de Alejandría, the Opinion Club, where we have a collaboration banner on their posters, BOM Radio Benidorm, 8 La Marina TV, AND ALSO we advertise the different events of the town councils that make up the region, where officially We cover those of 8 towns, but we also publish at least what we receive from the remaining towns in the region, as well as we officially cover notes from the Provincial Council of Alicante. In addition, it has national and international sections and the section guide is very extensive, now highlighting the special Sunday edition, where we have collaborators, mastered high swords of information. Calvari is not only the only media that we publish, already forming a group, such as GRUPO CALVARI DIGITAL, which also publishes TODODEPORTE Marina Baixa and TOSSAL DIGITAL, the newspaper of Benidorm and the region, and we collaborate selflessly with PUNTA CANFALI. In addition, we have collaboration agreements with the main news outlets in the country. Therefore, it is a medium that has readers from the area and can be interesting to publicize our products while informing us of current news, courses and activities.